Mistra EviEM

Mistra Council for Evidence-Based Environmental Management

By means of systematic reviews of the scientific evidence in different areas, EviEM is seeking to improve the basis for environmental decision-making in Sweden. Topics for review can be suggested by public agencies, decision-makers and other stakeholders.

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  • Duration: 2012–2017
  • Mistra funding: SEK 66 million
  • Host: Stockholm Environment Institute
Events during the year
  • In January, the Stockholm Environment Institute took over as programme host from the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences.

  • Experts from around the world on the use of systematic review in environmental management met in August for their first conference, hosted by Mistra EviEM.

  • In its Research Bill in the autumn, the Swedish Government announced plans to support work similar to that done by Mistra EviEM, beginning in 2018 when Mistra’s funding comes to an end.

  • Systematic reviews and maps during the year covered topics such as wetlands as traps for nitrogen and phosphorus, and the impacts which management of protected forests has on biodiversity.