Mistra Arctic Sustainable Development

Climate change, growing political interest and new technology to extract natural resources are fuelling conflicts between different stakeholders and different future choices of direction in the Arctic. Historical developments in the region also have implications for the decisions taken. This research programme seeks to advance understanding of the situation in the Arctic and to identify ways forward that will promote sustainability.


  • Duration: 2014–2018
  • Mistra funding: SEK 30 million
  • Host: Umeå University
Events during the year
  • Many scientific publications appeared during the year, including the Arctic Resilience Report, in which researchers, several of them from the programme, analysed how vulnerable the Arctic is and what options would help the region to adapt.

  • Annika E. Nilsson was chosen as a Mistra Fellow, to allow her to network in Washington DC during the United States’ chairmanship of the Arctic Council.

  • The programme organised a number of study trips, including one to Murmansk.