Bioeconomy workshop to shape new research initiative

Many people hope to see an emerging bioeconomy, in which fossil resources are increasingly superseded by biobased materials and fuels. This could be crucial in achieving ambitious global climate goals. Sweden, with its large areas of forest and well-developed forest industry, is well placed to play a part in such a transition. At a workshop arranged by Mistra, key individuals from the forest sector discussed both opportunities and research needs in this area. In particular, they talked about how industrial IT could promote the development of a bioeconomy as part of the next industrial revolution.

‘A likely next step now will be to define a distinct area of research, which we will then test on a group of international researchers and experts. Our aim is to announce a call for proposals some time in 2017,’ said Thomas Nilsson at Mistra who, together with Torgny Persson, Director of Research and Innovation at the Swedish Forest Industries Federation, took the initiative to hold the workshop.