Habitat III conference attracted world’s researchers in sustainable urbanisation

The UN Habitat III conference in Ecuador, on sustainable and equitable urban development, attracted 40,000 delegates. Among them were researchers from the Stockholm Resilience Centre and Mistra Urban Futures, who participated in several seminars and appeared in the Swedish Pavilion, which was opened by Sweden’s Minister for Housing and Digital Development, Peter Eriksson.

During the meeting, a new agenda for international efforts to develop sustainable cities was adopted.

‘From our vantage point, the New Urban Agenda is a powerful call for more cooperation. Different stakeholders – NGOs, cities, nations, companies and academics – need to work together if the goals of greater equality and better housing are to be achieved,’ said Jan Riise of Mistra Urban Futures.

One conclusion from the conference was that urbanisation should not be seen simply as a problem; it also offers solutions to many of the challenges the world faces.

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