Eleven experts on the route to a climate-neutral Sweden

Sweden needs a climate policy that will enable it to reduce its climate impact to zero within a generation and become an example to other countries around the world. The far-reaching action this will require is outlined by a number of experts in an anthology produced by Mistra and Sweden’s All Party Committee on Environmental Objectives. The book, titled ‘Climate policy – if I were Prime Minister’, sets out a wide range of proposals on what should be done to create a climate-neutral Sweden.

The authors call for measures, across many different sectors, to safeguard our climate and at the same time make industry more competitive, build just cities, involve the financial sector and promote positive global development. The anthology, which includes contributions from Niklas Zennström, Sverker Sörlin and Charlotte Petri Gornitzka, was presented to the Minister for the Environment, Karolina Skog, at a seminar held at the Ministry of the Environment and Energy.

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