Major research programme with a focus on a climate-neutral Sweden

A new research initiative is to focus on ways of restructuring Swedish society so as to achieve zero net emissions. With a total budget of SEK 80 million over four years – of which Mistra will provide SEK 56 million and collaborating organisations the remaining SEK 24 million – the programme will be one of the biggest Mistra has launched.

Researchers will develop proposals to enable Swedish industry and society to make the transition to zero net emissions of greenhouse gases. The programme is intended to support both Sweden’s international commitments under the Paris Agreement and national climate goals. The overall aim is to reduce the country’s carbon dioxide emissions to zero or close to zero.

‘We hope that, in the long term, the programme will result in concrete technical solutions, but also come up with new ideas on how government and public agencies can use policy instruments and other measures to deliver clear results,’ said Mistra Programmes Director Thomas Nilsson.